Smile Design Dental Margate

Michelle D. – Fort Myers, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Martha took great care of me today! I hadn’t been to a dentist in years and she was able to take care of all my problems in a timely manner. I was comfortable and without pain during the whole procedure. I will definitely be coming back!

Smile Design Dental Ft. Lauderdale

Patt G. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I spent eight years managing a dental office, so I know a good place from a bad one. This office was amazing. First, the front desk staff were all very nice and professional. I walked in, filled out my paperwork and was seated in the waiting room. I was actually quite impressed with that area, which spoke well of the rest of the office.

The assistant (Mary Ann) came to take me into the back. This was her first day at this office so she wasn’t as adept as the others, but two of the other assistants came back to help her out, so the x-rays went smoothly. Then Dr. Green came in to do the exam. There were two areas on teeth 22 and 23 that looked like decay on the x-ray but in her exam she found they were just shadows on the x-ray. Now, a bad dentist would have told me these were areas that needed to be filled but Dr. Green is not a bad dentist. She was quite honest with the work that needed to be done and didn’t try to get me to do work unnecessarily.

Next, I met Amy, the hygienist. What a sweetheart! And extremely professional and thorough. She did the cleaning and explained the process to me. She also looked over my x-rays with me, and my perio charting and we discussed what actions I needed to take to keep my dazzling smile.

All-in-all, I was very impressed with this place. They presented me with a treatment plan (which is standard practice) but did not pressure me into accepting it. They never tried to force anything on me. They made recommendations, but I can take or reject them, as I please.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to see a dentist. If you’re going in for a cleaning and you don’t have insurance, go to Groupon and save yourself some money.

Renato S. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Amazing Staff and excellent dental service by Dr. Vera… She is so professional!
If you are looking for a clean facility with special care … Look no further!

Kathy B. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 4 stars (Yelp)
Everyone is so friendly…My cleaning was gentle and the Dentist explained what was happening with my teeth and gums without scaring me.

Christopher W. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I have been going here for years now. I like it some much I see them 4 times a years for cleaning. Sounds crazy, but it is the best investment you will ever make for your mouth and body. Do not just settle for the 2 cleaning per year because that is want your insurance pays for. The cost is minimal in the grand scheme of health care. Taking your dental cleaning to the next level and see for yourself.

Amanda M. – Fort Lauderdale, Fl – 5 stars (Yelp)
Staff is extremely courteous. The atmosphere is that of a spa rather than a sterile dentist office. I actually look forward to my appointments. You can tell everyone that works there thoroughly enjoys their jobs. I leave in a better mood. Will NEVER use another dentist office.

Marquis E. – Fort Lauderadle, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
5-star recommendation isn’t enough. From entering in the front door until we left, the new extended family members of Smile Design Dental were AWESOME. They are caring, considerate and friendly. Thank you for going beyond customer service and making everyone comfortable.

Caleb K. – Pompano Beach, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Best Dentist EVER: Clean, polite, professional, caring, informative, and a sincere effort to make you as comfortable as possible EVERY visit!

Alan S. – Knoxville, TN – 5 stars (Yelp)

Before I moved to Tennessee this is the office I was getting my dental work done at. They are so amazing that they called just recently a year later, randomly, just to check up on how I was doing and to see how my teeth were. Mind you I moved and they knew that! Talk about professional care and top notch service!

I still have family that live in the area and they all have their favorite dentists however I have to say that I was really impressed with the effort that they put out there to show that they really care about their patients. Too bad I had to move away, you know it is really hard to find a dentist that you like and who is covered under your health insurance. I have had to switch from dentists that I liked in the past due to insurance coverage changes.

So if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area try them out.

Christine A. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
If you are looking for someone who actually lives up to their marketing, Dr. Tad and his team, will deliver what they advertise and much more. Dr. Tad, Jr. and Noel were welcoming, compassionate and truly caring! I recommend them to everyone looking for a dental office to call home; I am!

Sharon M. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I have been going to this dentist office for 6 months and I am very pleased with their service. I never had to wait longer than 5 mins to be seen and the entire staff is very friendly. They are the epitome of excellent customer service.

C.F. – Pompano Beach, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I’ve been a patient of the practice for several years now, and their commitment to warm, highly efficient customer service keeps me as a loyal patient. Dr. Kern, Dr. Vera, Noel, Joy and the entire medical and professional team are more than healthcare providers, they are trusted partners in my dental health management and experts in delivering flawless service.

GC. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Amy is the best hygienist I’ve ever had. She’s professional and fun. The whole office staff makes sure everything is done right and with a smile. Lol recommend this place to all.

Craig D. – Rocklin, CA – 5 stars (Yelp)
I was on vacation visiting family last week and chipped a tooth, it looked so terrible and with the pain, I didn’t want to wait until I returned home. Dr. Fenton and his assistants were super accommodating, fit me in last minute and it looks great. You can’t even tell looking close up, that it was chipped. Very pleased.

I am usually not a fan of going to the dentist, but I had an emergency situation so I did not have a choice. Dr. Fenton and his staff was very comforting and attentive to my needs. What I thought was going to be a dreadful situation actually turned out to be a pleasant one. I did have to get a tooth pull out, but it was a much better experience than I expected. Thanks again guys!

Marc M. – Lawrenceville, GA – 5 stars (Yelp)
I am usually not a fan of going to the dentist, but I had an emergency situation so I did not have a choice. Dr. Fenton and his staff was very comforting and attentive to my needs. What I thought was going to be a dreadful situation actually turned out to be a pleasant one. I did have to get a tooth pull out, but it was a much better experience than I expected. Thanks again guys!

Robyn S. – Miami, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I went in with a Groupon. They are really great. They didn’t push me or upsell me into any additional products or services. The doctor and staff are very welcoming and professional. I highly recommend this practice for your dentistry needs.

Jo-nathan M. – Deerfield Beach, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
preface this review with 2 important facts: First, I have NEVER been comfortable with going to the dentist (severe dental phobia), 2nd I utilize YELP to see what others say about a business and have never been compelled to write a review myself…. until I was cared for by Dr. Vera and her amazing staff! I had not been to the dentist in over 5 years when I walked into Dr. Vera’s office 3 months ago. I thought it could never happen- I enjoy going to the dentist now and Dr. Vera and her team have a new customer for life! 3 very important reasons: Dr. Vera and staff take the time to answer every single question I’ve ever had to raise my comfort level with them, I have the best hygienist in Amy, and everyone in the office makes you feel like you’re their priority.

Over the past 3 months I have had multiple fillings, crowns, a root canal, and multiple cleanings done. When I frame that type of work completed with my initial fear of going to the dentist, the best compliment I can give to this business is letting everyone I know that BAYVIEW is THE place and THE people to trust with the care of your mouth. TRUST these people and they will exceed your highest expectations!

Camille S. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Dr. James Kerns and friendly, amazing staff saved my sanity! A few weeks ago I developed TMJ out of the blue. Who knew I was grinding my teeth in my sleep! It was the most excruciating jaw pain I have ever experienced. For 2 weeks. Couldn’t eat, sleep, talk, etc. Seriously felt I was going nuts from pain.
My brother raves about Bayview Smile Design as dentists, so I made an appointment with Dr. Kerns. I was scared!! Didn’t know what was wrong with my beautiful set of teeth!
Dr. Kerns immediately made me feel welcome, relaxed and confident that he could help me. He made correct diagnosis, gave me prescriptions for anti-inflammatory & for the pain; and his gentle, competent staff took impressions to have a night guard made for me to wear.
Have been wearing night guard now for almost a week and the pain has all but disappeared!!!!! I can’t believe it. And of course it’s a pleasure to go there–spacious, well-done office decor. And I didn’t have to wait although I wouldn’t have minded cause it’s so pretty!
THANK YOU DR. KERNS and to your staff for helping me and for your excellent care. And I love having a dentist with a great sense of humor! It lessens the anxiety. You are definitely my go-to for all dental needs. THANK YOU!!!

Khaled M. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
This is, hands down, one of the best dental offices I’ve been to and I highly recommend it. The office feels warm and friendly and this is attributed to the décor as well as the amazing staff that works there. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and I didn’t have to wait long at all for my cleaning appointment.

Amy Boyer was my hygienist and she was great. She was very gentle, thorough and educational. I unfortunately had a couple of cavities but Dr Vera did a great job filling them. She took her time and made sure that it was a painless experience.

I can honestly say that the entire process was a pleasant one. If you’re looking for a new dental office, Bayview Smile Design is definitely the place to go to.

Smile Design Dental Plantation

Alyssa K. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
I was HIGHLY impressed by my visit here the other day. My stupid student insurance evidently dropped dental, so I have been really bad and neglected my cleaning appointment for far too long. I bought a Groupon for an exam, xrays, and cleaning and was really impressed.

I made an appointment on a Wednesday for the following Monday-was really impressed that I could get in quickly, I know some dentists that have a 4 month wait for new patients. Um, no. I came in for my 10:45 appointment and immediately was greeted with a smile and wasn’t given crap about having a Groupon as a method of payment. I was offered water or coffee (hmmm, maybe to get more patients for whitening? I see what you’re doing there…) and asked to fill out your standard new patient paperwork. Then the receptionist comes and hands me a gift bag full of stuff welcoming me to the practice. Duly noted. Thanks.

Not two minutes after I was done the paperwork was I taken back. I got my xrays taken with the new digital film (so much easier and faster than the old school way where they have to change it a million times). Miriam, my hygenist, was a doll. She and I had about the best kind of conversation you can have with a dental hygenist-considering they are trying to talk to you when there are sharp metal objects in your mouth. That’s always been a moderate peeve of mine, but she seemed to understand that and didn’t talk more than necessary, letting me zone out.

Dr. Eric was my dentist-popped in for a few minutes to do a quick exam. Seemed like a pretty nice guy and decent doctor, but me and Miriam are the ones who became BFFs. She sold me on the idea of the fluoride rinse (over the horrible in office tray treatment they use which still makes me gag) and I walked out of the office as a happy camper. I got a brief spiel from Julie on their pricing and discounts for patients without dental coverage, although I’m going to speak to HR about that at school just to be on the safe side. They do have a decent plan for $175 a year they include 2 cleanings and exams with xrays (basically your yearly dental maintenance without any fillings/sealants/major work). This also includes discounts if other major work needs to be done. I might consider this anyway.

This office was fantastic from start to finish and comes highly recommended from me. I could go to the dental clinic at school for basically or completely free but I don’t want to spend 4 or 5 hours getting my teeth cleaned. I want to be in and out in 45 minutes as close to pain-free as possible, and that’s exactly what I got here.

William S. – Dania Beach, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
Pretty happy with the office, doctors, staff.. Been coming here for about 3 years. You know things are going well when they keep updating things when you come in. New tvs, coffee machine, equipment. Very clean place, and the newest equipment. Really worth coming and making your new family dentist.

Erick M. – Hollywood, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)
This was my first visit and I could not have felt more welocme. The receptionist was very friendly and she handed me a gift to welcome me as a patient. The was not much of a wait and I was in and out in not time. It almost didn’t feel like going to the dentist except that it was the dentist. Overall I’m super impressed by how nice the Dr. And all of the staff were. This is officially my new dentist office!

Veronica F. – Ft. Lauderdale, Fl – 5 stars (Yelp)
I was referred from a friend & I would refer my all my friends & family as well. My Dentist was Eric Schuetz he was awesome he had my tooth extracted with no pain at all and within minutes. I booked for my next appt before I left that’s how comfortable I was when I left. Staff was awesome, friendly & welcoming 🙂

Debbie Y. – Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5 stars (Yelp)

Excellent dentist & staff. Highly recommend his office.. He took his time to explain everything to me, he didn’t try to add on services that I didn’t need, most dentists that I went to before would say I needed a crown or something crazy… He is honest and I appreciated that.. His staff very friendly, wait time less than 15 minutes

Sapir E. – Brookyln, NY – 5 stars (Yelp)
I recently went to this office and was very impressed with Dr Kerns and Dr. Shoham Elazar Berkowitz and their entire staff. The facility is bright and clean and the equipment is always well maintained. All the staff are extremely friendly. Dr Elazar Berkowitz is caring, gentle when she works and I felt she only recommends a procedure if its absolutely essential. Dr Kerns has a gentle touch and is the funniest dentist I’ve ever met, which really put me at ease while he was pulling my wisdom teeth. In the past I’ve gone to some dentists who who reminded me of high-pressure car salesmen trying to up sell unnecessary items. None of that nonsense here.