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Straightening smiles with braces has been used for a long time, and new advancements have made the process even easier – and even more discreet! At Smile Design Dental, we offer the top ceramic braces in Fort Lauderdale and beyond! If you’re in need of correcting crooked dentition, our team can’t wait to discuss how this treatment can help you!

How Do Ceramic Braces Work?

Standard metal braces move teeth by guiding them into proper positions using wires. These are usually attached to metal brackets cemented to the front of teeth, allowing dentition to be restructured using constant pressure. 

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way, but instead of high-visible brackets, this system’s material is designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth! With clear or tooth-colored brackets, special wires will help guide teeth into their new positions. Because they are less visible, many patients prefer to use braces that may go unnoticed except by the most discerning observer. 

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Are Ceramic Braces Right for Me?

Generally, if a patient is capable of wearing traditional metal brackets then ceramic braces will work to straighten their teeth. Orthodontics is best begun when a patient’s jaw has mostly developed with a treatment that can last around 18 to 34 months. 

Braces can help patients suffering from naturally or accidentally crooked dentition. Straightening teeth helps to improve a variety of issues such as improper speech, painful chewing, and even under- and overbites. Because ceramic brackets are difficult to notice, patients can look forward to a natural-looking smile even as they wait for their treatment to be complete!

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Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Though brackets may be camouflage inside your mouth, the advantages of ceramic braces are easy to see. 

  • Just As Durable: While a metal bowl may be stronger than kitchen china, ceramic brackets are quite durable when compared to their stainless-steel counterparts. Advancements in technology have made these options just as viable.
  • Even More Comfortable: Many patients find that metal brackets dig into their lips and gums. With smoother edges and a less hardened material, ceramic braces are much easier on the gums, cheeks and lips.
  • Can Be Faster than Invisalign®: Traditional braces have always been better at correcting more intensive issues with crooked dentition than Invisalign. Ceramic braces combine that efficacy with the low visibility offered by alignment trays, making for a superior experience all around!
  • Anti-Staining Technology: Ceramics have a bad reputation for being porous and many people fear such brackets will become discolored over time. Advancements in orthodontics have developed brackets that resist staining, making this worry a thing of the past.
  • Smaller Brackets: In addition to being colored or clear to hide them from view, ceramic braces use small yet strong brackets. These make the method even more discreet and comfortable than metal.

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