Incredible Art Statue: Pegasus and Dragon in Hallandale Beach, FL

The Pegasus and Dragon stand at the entrance of Hallandale Beach, Florida. The Pegasus is a large metal sculpture that looks like it’s flying through the air with its wings outstretched. This iconic symbol pays tribute to all things equine in this community. The Pegasus sculpture is 25 feet tall and was designed by an artist named Juan Carlos Vallejo. Learn information about  Hallandale Beach, FL.  

This piece of art in Hallandale Beach, FL has more than just a symbolic meaning to it. It’s also created as the centerpiece for this community, which makes up about 60% of residents who are in stable employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Pegasus and Dragon have been placed here to represent strength, hope, power, pride, and accomplishment. Discover facts about Sunny Florida Beach: Hallandale Beach Oceanfront in Florida.

The dragon that sits on top of the horse represents Hallandale Beach: “it stands guard over its treasure.” The Pegasus statue symbolizes higher education because it flies so high above all else with wings outstretched – like they’re soaring through life!

The Pegasus and Dragons in Hallandale Beach are created to pay tribute not only to what this community is but also to what it could be. Pegasus and Dragon have become symbols of the future for this community.

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