Orthodontist in Hallandale Beach, FL: Keeping Your Smile Healthy

An orthodontist is a person who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of orthodontic problems. Patients come to an orthodontist for many reasons, including overcrowding, crooked teeth, or gaps between the teeth. Orthodontists can also help with bite issues and jaw pain. This blog post will discuss how orthodontics can keep your smile healthy. Information can be found here.

Orthodontists get a degree in dentistry after attending dental school for four years, and then they must attend an additional three to five years of training focusing on the mouth and teeth. This extra schooling is more intense than that of a general dentist because of their focus on straightening teeth by using a variety of appliances such as spacers which are tiny rubber bands placed between two molars at certain times during treatment to move them into proper with other teeth. In orthodontic treatment, orthodontists see patients for routine checkups every six to eight weeks. The orthodontist may take molds of the teeth and study them on x-rays; they will make a specific plan out how they will align your smile. One popular appliance is braces which consist of metal brackets bonded onto the front surface of each tooth with a skinny wire attached between these brackets to correct misalignment problems caused by missing or extra teeth, worn down enamel surfaces, underbites, overbites, and overcrowding. However, there are alternatives such as Invisalign that straighten teeth without you having to wear bands around all your teeth. See here for information about Orthodontist in Hallandale Beach, FL: Guide to Straight, Healthy Teeth.

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