Wisdom Teeth Removal in South Florida

One of the most common extractions performed by dentists worldwide is wisdom tooth removal. Even so, many patients find the prospect of such procedures unsettling. These teeth can cause quite a few problems if left untreated. Dentists normally suggest that patients have them removed in their late teens and early twenties. At Smile Design Dental our skilled team will help relieve pain and other issues associated with wisdom tooth removal, no matter the age!

dentist reviewing x-ray to see if patient needs wisdom teeth removed

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removal?

Wisdom teeth refer to the third set of molars, the last to erupt in adulthood. Because each person’s oral development is unique there is a lot of variation in their maturation. Some patients have several erupt at once while others will never even have to worry about their wisdom teeth. Most patients have them extracted for these reasons:

  • Pain From Impacted Teeth: When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it doesn’t have room to develop normally. This can cause pain as they attempt to erupt, searching for room that just isn’t there.
  • Poor Eruption: Other issues can occur if the angle of eruption isn’t correct. It can push other teeth in crooked directions and may even damage your molars permanently!
  • Not Enough Room: Wisdom teeth can cause a huge problem because most people’s mouths just aren’t big enough to handle the extra dentition. This is especially bad because it can undo years of orthodontic therapy.
  • Cavities and Gum Disease: It is easy to miss cleaning teeth that are so far back, especially for adults who have not had to worry about those areas for much of their lives, leading to poor oral hygiene at the back of the mouth.

Our team will thoroughly examine your jaw using dental imaging technology to determine if there is indeed a reason to remove your wisdom teeth. It may be possible to avoid surgery, but if a procedure is needed you’re in good hands with Smile Design Dental.

Sedation Solutions

Many patients have a lot of anxiety about tooth extractions, especially when it comes to wisdom teeth. Molars are large and your third set is no exception. That’s why our offices have several different sedation options available. At Smile Design Dental, we want our patients to have healthy experiences, both physically and mentally!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

Many dental insurance plans have some form of coverage for such extractions, and Smile Design Dental has alternatives if not. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the highest quality dental care, and that includes in-house financing through our membership program. Medicaid plans for children including MCNA, DentaQuest, Liberty, and Argus are also an option, as well as other financing alternatives via CareCredit and Lending Club.

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