Plantation Historical Museum: A Look at Plantation, Florida’s past

The Plantation Historical Museum is Plantation, FL’s best resource for exploring the past. With over 14,000 square feet of museum space and a large collection of artifacts from all around the world, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Plantation’s history. The Plantation Historical Museum also has an extensive library with books on many topics related to Plantation history as well as Florida in general. Learn information about Plantation, FL.  

Plantations were first established by settlers who wanted to profit from Florida’s natural resources such as lumbering and fishing. They used enslaved labor to clear land and grow crops on plantations that yielded cotton, indigo fabric dye, sugar cane & more! The early development of these settlements was not without its challenges: diseases like malaria plagued residents; Native Americans attacked them during territorial disputes; they had limited supplies because ships could not get to Plantation during the war. Plantations were finally established in 1821 and they served as a refuge for former North Floridians after Florida became a state in 1845. Discover facts about Plantation Heritage Park: Family-Friendly Attractions in Plantation, FL.

Plantations Historical Museum takes visitors on an exploration of Plantation’s past from its establishment by settlers through today. Visitors will learn how Plantation developed, about Native American attacks, disease outbreaks like malaria, limited supplies because ships could not reach Plantation due to blockades during the Civil War–all while being immersed among artifacts that tell these stories!

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