The Hottest Cities in America: Tamarac, Florida

If you want to live in a city that is both hot and cool at the same time, Tamarac Florida might be for you. Tamarac has an average winter temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the hottest cities in America. Tamarac also has a diverse population, with whites being 56% of its residents. If you are looking for jobs or just want to visit Tamarac, Florida, this summer, here are some things to do! Tamarac, Florida, is in the top five hottest cities in America. Tamarac was voted one of the hottest places to live because they have great weather and a solid economic growth rate. Tamarac also boasts no sales tax, which appeals to many people looking to move into Tamarac or buy property there. Learn more here.

Tamarac’s population was 57,468 at last count, and these figures show an increase from their previous census data results where Tamarac had 47,000 residents. This shows substantial growth for this city near Fort Lauderdale, which increased by about 20 percent over seven years since 2000 when they were listed with 43,000 residents living there. The median age of 27 is younger than most states -and the U.S. median age of 37 years- and Tamarac also has a large population of young adults. Tamarac is close to the beaches in Fort Lauderdale, which contributes significantly to their popularity since people like easy access to them for fun on weekends or summertime vacations. Tamarac, Florida, was ranked as one of the hottest cities by WalletHub who analyzed 150 American statistical areas based on how hot it currently feels outside compared with what’s expected at that time of year due to average temperatures and humidity levels combined. Learn more about Planning Now for Your Florida Vacation in Pompano Beach.

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