Three Mountains Natural Area in Coral Springs, FL: A Serene Oasis

Nature is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Three Mountains Natural Area in Coral Springs, Florida is a stunning example of this! Home to lush greenery, wildlife, and fresh air, Three Mountains Natural Area offers visitors an opportunity to step away from the hectic pace of life for a while. Whether you are looking for an afternoon hike or simply want to spend some time with your family exploring nature’s beauty, Three Mountains Natural Area has something for everyone. Information can be found here.

Three Mountains Natural Area is a hidden gem, with thousands of trees and plants, as well as over 30 acres of beautiful lakes. It also features an abundance of wildlife such as the American alligator, whitetail deer, wild turkey hen, and many more! Three Mountains Natural Area was once owned by James Hoggard who purchased it in 1981 for private use. After his death in 2006, Three Mountains became public property thanks to Jim’s son Steve Hoggard. See here for information about A Beautiful Place to Take the Kids: Orchid Park in Coral Springs, FL.

Since opening its gates to guests on November 28th, 2015 Three Mountain has welcomed nearly 300 visitors from around Florida each weekday morning at sunrise (park closes at sunset). The land offers something unique that cannot be found anywhere else – including hiking trails through lush forests lined with palms, cypresses, and oaks, as well as two lakes. They also offer guided tours! Three Mountains is a great place for bird watching with over 100 species on the list of birds spotted at Three Mountains Natural Area.

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