What You Should Know about Dentist

What should you know about dentists? Dentists are medical professionals who specialize in dental care. They are responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral diseases. Dental conditions they treat range from tooth decay to gum disease to problems with your jaw joint. Information can be found here.

Dentists complete the same type of training as other doctors, but they usually focus on oral health issues instead of everything under the sun like most physicians do. See here for information about Reasons You Should Go to The Dentist.

Dentists provide several services to their patients. They offer basic dental care such as cleaning and exams, but they also may specialize in areas like orthodontics or oral surgery. In addition to working with adults, many dentists work with children on issues such as helping them adjust to the dentist’s chair or teaching good brushing habits from an early age. Every state requires that all practicing dentists be licensed by passing a written exam and a clinical examination administered by the Dental Board of California.  Licensed dentists are required to have a degree from an accredited dental school. Dentists provide basic care, may specialize in areas like orthodontics or oral surgery.  There are many types of different dental specialists such as orthodontists, endodontics (root canal), prosthodontics, and periodontal.

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